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OnlyLMS keeps you organized and helps you reach your true potential which ultimately leads to the accomplishment of your goals.

LMS For Profound Learning In Schools, Universities, and Colleges

A True Solution For Schools

OnlyLMS offers an ideal solution for all types of schools. Our platform is used and trusted by primary, secondary, and even high schools. Additionally, instructors from all around the world use this platform to interact with young brains and help them reach their full potential. In short, OnlyLMS offers a true solution for every school.

How It Works For Schools

OnlyLMS Is Ready To Help Your Schools

Simple Registration

The registration on our platform only requires you to provide basic details along with the institution/business you’re representing.

White Label

Personalize your dashboard in a way that truly reflects your brand.

Learning Made Easy

Take advantage of an amazing learning experience designed exclusively for you.

Some Of Our LMS Features

Why Schools Prefer our LMS

Our e-learning platform is everything a Learning Management System should be, and more.

Course Management

Create slides, videos, images, PDF files and many other types of digital content and administer this content to students without any technicality.


Our online conferencing tool lets you hold live video classes with students whenever you want, regardless of the number of students.


We allow you to assess your students through quizzes, tests and assignments. Our worthwhile feedback will also improve your performance.

White Label

Customize your dashboard according to your brand’s needs and endure a real-life business management experience with our white labels.


Evaluate your organization’s learning goals and monitor the progress of your employees with our insightful analytical reports.


Our cloud based workspace can store your entire content and enable you to protect your data while also ensuring the smooth backups.

Our LMS Benefits

What Your School can do with our LMS

OnlyLMS is an equally effective e-learning platform for schools, startups, and enterprises. With our LMS, you can:

  • Store your entire learning material on a cloud-based system.
  • Make your courses accessible to students regardless of time and location.
  • Save time and cost.
  • Create several departments, branches, and classes depending on your organization’s nature.
  • Provide learning experience of highest standard to your students.
  • Gain access to mobile learning.