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Our e-learning management system enables you to become smart and take your learning game up the ladder. Just give us your requirements, and our e-learning solutions will furnish your goals expediently.

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Online Learning Management System for Schools and Businesses

With OnlyLMS, you gain access to an extremely flexible e-learning platform. It offers simple integration of institutions which enables you to conduct live lectures or upload material to inspire students according to the needs of modern era.

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Our highly-attractive user interface will entice your eyes and allow you to perform the tasks from all devices.

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Our e-learning guidance not only augments your business activity but also enables you to supersede the competitors.

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OnlyLMS should be your best bet if you want to save your time and resources simultaneously.

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Our extremely-vigilant customer-care representatives will always be there to listen to your queries and solve your problems.

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The cumbersome tasks become smoother and sander with our highly-sophisticated learning techniques.

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Our e-learning platform offers a variety of useful features, including:

Course Management

Create slides, videos, images, PDF files and many other types of digital content and administer this content to students without any technicality.


Our online conferencing tool lets you hold live video classes with students whenever you want, regardless of the number of students.


We allow you to assess your students through quizzes, tests and assignments. Our worthwhile feedback will also improve your performance.

White Label

Customize your dashboard according to your brand’s needs and endure a real-life business management experience with our white labels.


Evaluate your organization’s learning goals and monitor the progress of your employees with our insightful analytical reports.


Our cloud based workspace can store your entire content and enable you to protect your data while also ensuring the smooth backups.


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